Marian Šámal, Jakub Sitta, Kryštof Tichý


We set off with our student´s group to Prague to visit Metropolitan University of Prague (Metropolitní univerzita Praha) where we visited the department of media studies. Our guide became PhD Jiří Závoda. He showed us how to avoid fake news and soon after we tried to make headlines of news articles, which was a bit difficult.

Then he invited us to their own TV studio and we were supposed to try performing in television broadcasting. Luckily, our teachers were forced to speak in front of the cameras as well.


We had three lectures with native speakers which became a really nice oportunity to improve our speaking and listening skills. It was also difficult because it was really hot inside. Nevertheless, we made it. What is more, we got pizza for lunch as a surprise.


That day we were improving our speaking abilities with Cambridge tests. It was fun and now we know how the speaking part looks like.

In the end we played a detective game and the gaol was to find the murderer.

The course was really great thanks to our teachers.