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Knihovna anglického jazyka

Na adrese naleznete seznam dostupných titulů v knihovně anglického jazyka.
U každého titulu je uvedeno, zda-li je v tuto chvíli dostupný k zapůjčení.
Před zapůjčením knihy se seznamte s výpůjčním řádem knihovny, který naleznete zde:

Anglický kurz 2010
V týdnu od 14.6.2010 - 18.6.2010 proběl anglický kurz. Na následujících videiích uvidíte, co všechno si účastníci kurzu vyzkoušeli:

V rubrice " Zdokonalte si angličtinu" si přečtěte o nejlepších aprílových žertech stanice BBC
St. George's Day is on 23 April. It is England's national day

St. George is the patron saint of England. His emblem, a red cross on a white background, is the flag of England, and part of the British flag.

Who was St.George?

St George was a brave Roman soldier who protested against the Romans' torture of Christians and died for his beliefs.

England's patron saint, a fourth century Christian martyr, is also patron saint of Georgia and the city of Moscow.

Very little is known about the real St George. He is thought to have been born into a noble Christian family in the late third century in Cappadocia, an area which is now in Turkey. He followed his father's profession of soldier and became part of the retinue of the Emperor Diocletian. The emperor ordered the systematic persecution of Christians and George refused to take part. In 303, he was himself tortured and executed in Palestine, becoming an early Christian martyr.

The legend of George slaying a dragon and rescuing an innocent maiden from death is medieval. St George's Day is celebrated in England on 23 April, reputed to be the day of George's martyrdom in 303.

How do the British celebrate this day?

By tradition, 23 April is the day for a red rose in the button hole, the national flower.But for most people in England St George's Day is just another ordinary working day


The three national symbols of England are the St. George's cross (usually seen as a flag), the red rose and the Three Lions crest.

The oak is the national tree of England

Do you know any other british symbols?

What does a typical London taxi look like?

What is the traditional English food and drink?

Name England’s national game.

Why is a red rose important in England?

The word “pub” is short for......

What do the British usually drink in pubs?

Where can you see red double-decker buses?